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The Pantheon of Greatness

These are the immortals and demigods possessed of minds well equipped with the ActiveEngine. They’re smart, think on their feet, they have perfected the art of strategy, inventiveness, and know what is at stake. That’s why they have made it to the top seven.

Why seven? Because it’s more than 5 and top ten lists are lame.

Al Swearengen
Someone you can steal horses with, because with him on your side you get away with it. Brilliant strategist and disciple of the right force, the right action when necessary. Pretty colorful commentator too. Think like Al and get the heart of the matter.

Rockford Lhotka
The Obi-Wan or Gandalf of .Net Framework Development. The words pragmatic, concise, experienced, and thoughtful all apply to his insight, as he is most eloquent speakers on practical implementation of Microsoft .Net Technology. His work spans a decade where he has dedicated himself to making software developers lives’ easier based on his software.

His master work is CSLA.Net, a ready to use suite of software solutions that have set the standard for Microsoft.Net frameworks.

Tim Ferriss
This guy rocks. Go read his posts on language acquisition and you’ll experience the mind of a very disciplined and talented man. Pareto’s Law is Tim’s creed, and his creativity knows no bounds. The beauty of his thinking is that he focuses on what’s important, and ignores the rest.

Tim has developed a series of heuristics that any
software developer would envy. Read it here.

Jean Paul Boodhoo
Jean Paul writes the clearest yet most in depth discussions of Test Driven Development and use of Design Patterns.Watching him work is a treat as you are witness not only his sharp mind, but are exposed to his hard work and well honed skill.

Check out this screen cast and witness his mastery of software development.

Richard Feynman
The quintessential geek, Feynman specialized in teaching himself and never took things at face value. His anecdotes and constant assertions that he knew very little are only surpassed by his legendary inquisitive nature. But his well trained mind spotted the issue of O-Ring defects in the Challenger disaster because he asked questions made the appropriate judgments on his own.
Learn about his time at Los Alomos working on the Manhattan Project and how he and his first wife endured her battle with cancer.
Carl Franklin
Carl is the true definition of Jack of all trades, Master of all things. His career in software development and mentoring is seconds to none and he is a hero to the thousands of developers in the Microsoft community. His weekly podcasts featuring discussions with the premiere figures in software development has inspired many to continue to grow and develop their skills.

Carl is also a great musician as well and has mastered several instruments. Every band geek could only be so lucky, or talented.


Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan
Cesar may seem a strange choice, but his strategy for diagnosing both pet and owner are amazing. Many times these pets are dangerous, and he is still able to stick to a plan to rehabilitate these poor creatures and retrain their owners. This takes skill, charm, deep knowledge of animals and humans, as well as courage. He has fearlessly tamed pit bulls, german sheppards, and other ferocious breeds that normally require sedation. That takes guts. He has also rehabilitated dogs with great fears, such as great dane that could not even enter a school building. To watch him work patiently with an animal that weighs more than he is to witness a marvel in patience, strategy, and courgage.

This dog is Daddy, a 90 lb. pit bull Cesar rehabbed
and now uses to train other animals. More impressive
than his shear size is how he obeys Cesar and lets
Cesar take away his food.


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