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The first time it’s research, the second time it’s merely engineering.

ActiveEngine Sensei

Why pontificate if you can’t produce anything? Here are the projects that have been discussed on this blog. They are a mix of full blown solutions, experiments and snippets that have made Sensei more productive. Should you have feedback, let Sensei know.

ApprovaFlow – An Alternative to Windows Workflow

Use simple state machines instead of complicated workflows to implement business processes. This project uses JSON.Net, Stateless, jQuery to create a platform for creating robust workflows while allowing you to configure behavior of your application as opposed to constantly re-deploying changes to production. Currently in development – come build with Sensei!.

Download Code

Read about it in:

ApprovaFlow – A Proof of Concept

Simple Workflows With ApprovaFlow and Stateless

ApprovaFlow: Using the Pipe and Filter Pattern to Build a Workflow Processor

ApprovaFlow: Create A Plugin System And Reduce Deployment Headaches

ApprovalFlow: Where We At

ApprovaFlow: A Quick Primer on RavenDB

DataTablePager for DataTables.Net

A server side paging solution designed for use with the jQuery plugin DataTables.net. Provides data column filtering, sorting and paging functions with any type of .Net class.

Download Code

Read about in:

How To Create Server Side Paging for DataTables.Net with ASP.Net

Dynamically Select Columns with Server-Side Paging and Datatables.Net

DataBuilder – Generate Test Data Dynamically with Scripts

Point DataBuilder to your .Net assembly and create test data with your objects. DataBuilder uses NBuilder and CS-Script.Net to create tool that will help you test and prototype your solutions more quickly.

Download Code

Read about it in:

Dynamically Create Test Data with NBuilder, JSON and .Net

How Embedded Scripting Makes Dynamically Generated Test Possible in ASP.Net – DataBuilder Part 2

Prototyping With AnonymousTypes, CS-Script and JSON.Net – DataBuilder Part 3

Persistent AnonymousTypes

A class that simulates the features of an anonymous type in .Net, but with the ability to use the object beyond the scope of the method that created it. Techniques for query an collection of persistent AnonymousTypes is featured, along with the ability to serialize and AnonymousType to JSON.

Download Code

Read about it in:

Persistent AnonymousTypes and Querying with Linq

Deserializing to Persistent AnonymousTypes with JSON.Net

Janga – Object Validation with a Fluent Interface

An experiment with fluent interfaces and expression trees that creates a framework for validating properties of an object. This can help with the legibility of your program by presenting a clean code block that easily describes your intent.

Write code that reads like:

bool passed = employee.Enforce()
              .When("Age", Compares.IsGreaterThan, 45)
              .When("Department", Compares.In, deptList)

Download Code

Read about it in:

Janga – A Validation Framework with a Fluent API


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