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Pay the Rent with Rock

“And we played the very first thing that came to our heads

It just so happened to be

The best song in the world, it was the best song in the world.”

—  Tenacious D

Each episode of the important stuff needs a theme song, and while in many cultures believe that if you can name a thing you can control that thing, I believe if you can nail a theme song for your present state of mind, set the agenda with a song, get jacked over a riff, you can conquer.

Us keyboard monkies need inspiration to get the juices flowing.  How many of you spend must of you time coding, but then have get up in front an audience and present?  What do you when you take a lunch but don’t want to lose that flow.  Music can help you stay in the zone.

Below I’m listing my theme music that MAKES.  ME.  KICK.  jackburtonscreamSERIOUS.  ASS!!  As in Jack Burton, bitch must pay!  If you’re curious about the secret sauce to embedding these widgets in your blog read the ingredients here.

Moment of Truth – before a presentation this is something that resets the alpha waves in my head.

Day is Done – best palyed at sunset after a long day of struggling with code, and winning a few battles with management.  Getting ready to head home, the Nuge sets the scene the best.

Why am I doing this – questioning what you are doing can be a good thing, or at the wrong moment it can derail you.

Up bright and early – Cliffs of Dover by Eric and Johnson is bright and cheery and escorts you back to work.

Strapping in, getting ready to test – gonna fire off NUnit, what will I find?   Crank it to 11.

  • How did I get here – step back, reflect.


  • Not good enough – doesn’t matter.  Even better:  never good enough.  Don’t matter, crank anyway.



    1. Sensei’s Playlist – Pay the Rent with Rock! « ActiveEngine - July 11, 2009

    […] Pay the Rent with Rock […]

    2. Bonita Applebum - August 22, 2009

    dude, you’ve totally inspired me to figure out how to get music onto my blog. this rocks hard! MAKES. ME. WANT TO KICK. SERIOUS MUSIC EMBEDDING ASS!!

    ROCK ON,

    ActiveEngine Sensei - August 22, 2009

    Rock on. Send me a link when you have it up. Spread the word that Sensei taught you how to rock.

    3. AmaniParadise - February 7, 2010

    Hi ActiveEngine Sensei,

    I’ve been trying really hard to get the Grooveshark widget to work on my WordPress.com blog post but I just can’t get it to work!!!

    I’ve tried to embed it and tried doing it from the Grooveshark widget site where I would enter my WordPress username and everything to feed it to WordPress but I just ended up getting a timed out message.

    If you could give me any pointers or any help at all, I’d really really appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance,

    ActiveEngine Sensei - February 8, 2010

    It sounds like you’re doing the right steps. One thing I can tell you is that the first time I exported I got my id/password for WordPress wrong and it kept doing the timeout thing. Basically I killed the browser session and started again. From what you’ve described it sounds like you are following the steps. Hate to ask, but are you sure you have the id/password right, with correct upper lower case etc.? I didn’t and that was what messed me up.

    When you are done you should see a new draft with the title beginning with “GrooveSharkWidget”. The html tag resembles:

    [clearspring_widget title=”Grooveshark Widget: Single Song” wid=”48f3f305ad1283e4″ pid=”4b6d9ce6fe1ab7f7″ width=”400″ height=”50″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

    Note the attribute height=”50″. I set that to 50 down from 400. If you don’t you’ll get a huge chunk of white space between the widget and your text.

    Hope this helps.

    4. mojourner - February 28, 2010

    Looks like something’s changed on Grooveshark’s end for widgets being created now. There’s a post in the forums about it. Sad.

    ActiveEngine Sensei - March 1, 2010

    Yep, all good things come to an end. Well, maybe not. I’m investigating a workaround. I’ve asked support at WordPress what they would do to create a Short Code to allow the widget.

    In the mean time, I had an idea that I’m experimenting with that would allow you that might be an easy fix an would not involve embedding objects, which is not allowed at WordPress.com. I’ll post something as soon as it ready.

    me in 3... - March 16, 2010

    Has there been any resolution? I tried exporting the GrooveShark widget to my blog on WordPress.com and it didn’t ask for anything but the address. When I entered it, GrooveShark just sent a link to my widgets located at GrooveShark. Since I want to have a player on my blog, this link is useless to me. Is there anyway to get a shortcode to embed the player? I seriously just want one song on my blog (like one of the many you have posted here)… Please advise! Thanks!

    ActiveEngine Sensei - March 23, 2010

    I’m feverishly trying to finish up a web app that will allow you to select a song and create html to insert into your post. The idea is that you would get an href and an image to a page that would contain the object that plays your song. I hope to have something by this weekend and looking for people to help me test. Would you be interested?

    5. thatstlphoenix - August 31, 2010

    Hi I’m trying to use Grooveshark myself and the embedding code will not work. I just one a single song on my blog like you did. Have you figured out how to get it to work yet?

    ActiveEngine Sensei - September 1, 2010

    I wish I had an answer but no, nothing to share yet. Work has snowed me under so I’ve had to put this on the back burner.

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