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More RavenDB Resources January 3, 2012

Posted by ActiveEngine Sensei in .Net Development, C#, New Techniques, Open Source, RavenDB.
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Daniel Lang has a great post regarding how to handle relations in RavenDB.  He emphasizes that a document database is vastly different from a relation database and illustrates various scenarios of do’s and don’ts.  Go read it now.


1. Daniel Lang - January 3, 2012

thanks for the link! 🙂

ActiveEngine Sensei - January 3, 2012

I had read your other post regarding the lack of tutorial / documentation resources before I wrote my post! Small world, the blogger-sphere is. Funny thing is I jumped to your blog via StackOverflow.

2. Daniel Lang - January 3, 2012

Yes, at least RavenDB blogs are pretty rare… Hope our community grows!

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