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Moncai – A Cloud Service for Mono and .Net December 2, 2010

Posted by ActiveEngine Sensei in .Net, ActiveEngine, Linux, Mono, New Techniques, Open Source.
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If you have read these tomes of insanity posted by yours truly, you know that Sensei likes to stretch when it comes to finding solutions.  Aspiring to be an action hero in the everyday field of software development means you have to work like a dog, hunt like a tiger and crouch like a cricket.  This also means that you have to be flexible and willing to try new things.

Moncai, a service that will deploy your .Net / Mono app to the cloud via Git or Mercurial, looks very promising for those who want to try their hand at running their .Net application in the Linux realm.  As opposed to Azure, Moncai will offer POSIX distros for you to use.  The man behind the scenes, Dale Ragan, recently talked about Moncai in a HerdingCode podcast.  What he describes is a tiered approach to levels of service that you can have.  Dale wants to offer the hobbyist or midnight blogger a chance to experiment for free / low cost, and the services levels increase depending on your needs.  Dale even takes the time to communicate you via email when your first sign up, a real nice touch.  Go check it out and spread the word.


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