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New from the Hive-Mind August 12, 2009

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Tenacious+D (1)Seekers of truth, on your knowledge quest, do not foresake the Hive-Mind.  More goodness awaits you after the jump.

The Economics of Developing iPhone Apps August 6, 2009

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Sensei has an iPhone and it is indeed a great technological achievement.  It just works.  Another attractive aspect to the iPhone is the lowe priced software available from the App Store.  We have all heard of the stories of the kid who made $40K by creating an app and selling it.   At Coding Horror, Jeff Atwood posted his thoughts regarding the effect of lowering the cost of a software product and how that can create a jump in sales.  In short, the lower priced software makes up for the loss with volume.  starwars-iphone

There are other considerations to be kept in mind before diverting your talent to iPhone application development.  The economics of surviving in that envirnoment are hazardous.   (more…)

More Grand Designs from the Hive-Mind August 2, 2009

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taking notes bhetovenInformation so powerful it can affect the past! No need for Supes for fly backwards around the planet, just ask Ludwig Van!

Go there, now! (I almost want to say Excelsior, but I’m not that deranged).

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